PowerA's new pastel controllers are all sweet summer vibes

PowerA’s new pastel controllers are all sweet summer vibes

When it comes to the colorful design of the controller, Xbox’s game has been in place for years. Since the generation of Xbox One, Microsoft has released many fun variations of its controllers – including limited editions and Xbox Design Lab – and this momentum has not slowed down with Xbox Series X / C consoles. Meanwhile, the third-party Xbox controller range is more expansive than ever, and brands such as PowerA are bargaining with their own sleek new colors, such as the recently released Pastel Enhanced Wired Controller pastel range for $ 37.99 for Xbox and PC.

Marshmalles vibrate for days. The controllers have smooth, satin finishes on the front, light textures on the back and great accents on the shoulders and bumpers.

Announced in March as a spring collection, these new pastel colors for the Enhanced Wired line include purple camouflage, lavender, pink lemonade, pastel dream and blue sugar wool. Pink lemonade initially seemed like a clear winner with its sleek topping from yellow to pink, but now that I’ve personally seen and handled all five colors, I can officially declare blue sugar wool the most beautiful. It’s actually a little more bluish-green in the color of sea foam than its name suggests, but nonetheless, it’s a bold but soft monochrome hue on this controller.

But all five pastel designs look great on the whole, with a variety of uses of gradients, colorful patterns and / or two-tone contrast on the front and back that give everyone a unique signature. Of course, it is a pity that these controllers are still loaded with outdated Micro USB connections, but I would like to acknowledge PowerA for at least opting for a white detachable cable next to each of them to better complement the light and airy look.

I would still love to see a brand new version of the improved wired controller that finally upgrades to USB-C and maybe even presses a few more customizable buttons without overwhelming things. But the objections aside, the aesthetics of these bright new colors have a lot to love. The advanced wire controller was our best choice for the best Xbox controller you can buy on a budget, thanks in large part to its very fair price, while keeping up with the basics for a wire controller. I can’t say that these new colors go so far as to improve a good thing, because they are functionally the same, but they are refreshing enough to feel somehow improved.

PoverA enhanced wire controller (pastels)

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller is a budget wired controller for Xbox and PC that connects via Micro USB and has two customizable buttons on the back. It is offered in many different colors and licensed designs.

These cool new pastels are now readily available from many retailers, and it won’t be a surprise if they start noticing their own discounts and sales like many others in the PowerA line. They are a little breath of fresh air on a budget level and are a nice addition to summer gaming that has new local multiplayer games such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge (Good reason you need additional affordable controllers, because it supports up to six players on Xbox and PC).

Side profile image of all five PowerA Enhanced Wired pastel controllers.

Some pastels have a contrasting two-tone look between the front and back.

Photo by Antonio G. Di Benedetto / The Verge

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