Taia Valkyrie becomes a three-time champion at the Impact Slammiversari

Taia Valkyrie becomes a three-time champion at the Impact Slammiversari

Taia Valkyrie has been on her way since leaving the NKST. Taia regained the AAA Reina de Reina title from Deona Purrazzo, and then won the inaugural MLV Women’s Lightweight Championship against Hollywood. Her golden string continued at the Impact Slammiversari.

She reunited with Rosemary to fight for the World Team Knockout Championship against Tenilla Dashwood and Madison Raine. Ragnarok was together again in a big way. Taia even wore her distinctive earmuffs for the occasion. Taia and Rosemary were on the same side all the time, despite Rosemary having reservations about trusting a woman who tried to kill her innocent fiancé.

Taia started strongly with the sliding German suplex. Later, she went wild on a hot trail with a rotating blue thunder bomb.

Rosemary joined the exploder suplex. Rosemary used Raine for the spear, but Dashwood intercepted her to tackle Rosemary and save her partner. Ragnarok gathered with a double inverted Irish whip to send Influence to crash on each other. Taia and Rosemary continued to press with double-edged swords, which resulted in a double outbreak by Influence.

Raine punched Thai in the eye and pushed Rosemary into her. Dashwood hit Ty with a break through the ropes. The Influence nailed its double-sided finisher and rammed Rosemary’s face into the mat. Rosemary stood up with her demon slayer powers to scare Raine into a pop-up knee blow from Taya. Rosemary used the moment to win the butterfly.

Taia and Rosemary are the new knockout champions.

Taia now has three championships in its possession. The world is her oyster. What’s next for La Vera Loca?

Download the complete Slammiversari results here.

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