The real wizard updates its PS5 to a width of less than an inch

The real wizard updates its PS5 to a width of less than an inch

Matt Perks with his home PS5 Slim, powered by Horizon Zero Dawn.

Screenshot: DII Perks / YouTube / Kotaku

It will inevitably be PS5 Slim. Not only because the current PS5 is the size and shape of a skyscraper in Dubai, but also because Sony always releases a thinner version of its consoles after a few years. But we are at least a few years away from that, which means that instead we should turn to the modern hero, Matthew Perks, from the YouTube channel DII Perks. Who achieved their goal using water pumps, circular saws and an oven.

Thinner than the current PS5 might not be the biggest challenge. So much width of this huge machine comes from the decorations in its housing, with an absolutely huge power supply. Matt’s approach to the project is astonishingly ambitious, replacing absolutely everything that goes too far in the three-dimensional realm with his own creations hacked from home.

In addition to the power supply, the PS5 designed by Sony has some pretty sticky heatsinks and other cooling requirements. Given the temperature of the machine, this will obviously be the most important part to replace. But since large pipes are needed to cool the water, this led Perks to the most unusual way of building his own hand-made water cooling system between copper sheets.

The further I watched this video, the more I felt like a) that I had achieved nothing in my life and that I was a stupid fool who could barely tie shoelaces, and b) Matthew Perks was a real wizard.

Just listen to the way he says things like, “I discovered that the original PS5 required an ancient diamond located just on top of Mount Kilimanjaro,” and then he says to himself, “But I realized I could replace this with a bottle cap that I transmogrified in gold using alchemy and this plastic pipe. ” And he does it while he is so ridiculously likable.

Seriously, this video is a whole emotional slide, and although I won’t spoil anything, it’s a joy to realize that the two-month project didn’t check things out of the camera before filming.

For God’s sake, unless you’re a real wizard, don’t try anything like that yourself. You will definitely die, and maybe kill others around you just like you.

Also, be sure to watch other videos on DII Perksbecause they are simply fantastic.

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