College World Series Live Updates: Texas vs. Texas A&M

College World Series Live Updates: Texas vs. Texas A&M

Horns247 is on stage, providing live updates during the game. Follow the action as Longhorni and Agi fight for the right to stay alive in Omaha:


Texas: 1. Douglas Hodo III, Soph., CF (.319 / .415 / .530); 2. Eric Kennedy, Jr., LF (.299 / .387 / .473); 3. Ivan Melendez, Jr., 1B (.393 / .513 / .877); 4. Murphy Stehli, senior, 2B (.374 / .431 / .674); 5. Austin Todd, senior, DH (.324 / .403 / .478); 6. Schiller Messinger (.370 / .420 / .569); 7. Silas Ardoin, Soph., C (.271 / .393 / .517); 8. Dylan Campbell, Soph., RF (.266 / .367 / .497); 9. Trei Faltine, Soph., SS (.287 / .399 / .561)

Texas A&M: 1. Trevor Werner, Soph., 3B (.258 / .364 / .492); 2. Jack Moss, Soph., 1B (.388 / .444 / .531); 3. Dylan Rock, senior, LF (.325 / .473 / .651); 4. Austin Bost, Jr., DH (.357 / .449 / .567); 5. Rian Targac, Soph., 2B (.292 / .429 / .579); 6. Troi Claunch, Sr., C (.297 / .376 / .402); 7. Brett Minnich, Jr., RF (.305 / .412 / .455); 8. Jordan Thompson, Jr., CF (.250 / .389 / .473); 9. Kole Kaler, senior, SS (.241 / .382 / .332)


Texas: Lukas Gordon, Sofia, LHP (7-1, 2.68 ERA, 84 innings, 67 hits and 25 walks allowed with 76 throws)

Texas A&M: Micah Dallas, Jr., RHP (6-3, 5.40 ERA, 76.2 innings, 94 hits and 20 walks allowed with 83 throws)


– Hitting first as a particular away team, the Longhorns start things early. Hodo takes the advantage and goes to third place in the singles on the opposite field, so that Kennedy hits with his left hand, and Kahler cannot play from his right side. Texas has runners on corners without cars and the core of the line is approaching.

– After Melendez swung and Stehli jumped to the first base, Todd comes with two shots from the base and returns home. Todd’s single from the left is easily achieved by Hodo and with runners in the first and second with two cars, the Longhorns draw the first blood and are looking for more with Dallas to 21 pitches in the inning.

Texas 1, Texas A&M 0

– Messenger swings and misses the 26th match of Dallas in inning. It’s an introductory frame with one run and two goals for the Longhorns, leaving two at base while Gordon takes the mound for his first inning.

– If there can be such a thing as a three-up, three-down change on 10 pitches, Gordon experienced it at half time. Two great defensive games – Messenger to pull Werner on the field 5-3 and Melendez to catch a hard line to the first Rock to end the inning – a sandwich of Hodo and Campbell who almost collided in the center right before Hodo secured the flying ball of Moss’s stick for others from ining. Regardless, Texas goes to the table in the second with a lead of one run.


– Entering the game with a percentage of play of 0.967, which ranks 171st in the national team and 13th in the SEC with 14 teams, the first mistake in the game charged by the Agians triggers things for the Longhorns with one car. Campbell’s ground ball was thrown on the third ball by Werner, who can’t recover in time to pull a fast Texas outfielder. The Longhorns caught another break when Clown’s throw to second base after Campbell’s attempted theft on money, but that slip takes Targak’s glove off his left hand. Campbell is safe in the position for a point with one car.

– Faltine returns to the round to advance Campbell to third base, and Hodo brings the second series of the game with two outs. Hodo’s 26th double of the season was torn to the left after another clutch with two cars for the Longhorns to qualify for the scoreboard.

Texas 2, Texas A&M 0

– Kennedy goes to first base with a Moss shot without help that ends the inning. The Longhorns enjoy a frame of one run and one goal and leave the runner in the lurch, using Aggie’s mistake and giving Gordon an advantage in two runs.

– Bost’s lead on the left immediately has a runner in position to score for Texas A&M, but Faltino’s fierce play on the ground ball that hit him pulls Bost to third base at 6-5. Targac reaches the choice of players, but Texas removes the threat with a goal.

– After Claunch walks, Minnich enters with a double blow on the wall of the left field. Aggies are on the board and have a chance for a big inning with players in position for points and one out.

Texas 2, Texas A&M 1

– The second goal from two shots in the inning for Eđije equalized the game. Minich runs home on a single from Thompson’s left that bounces in front of Kennedy. It is the first and third with one out with Gordon up to 24 throws in the inning.

Texas 2, Texas A&M 2

– With two cars and runners in position for points after Thompson stole second base after Gordon hit Kalera, Werner favors Agia with a single of two runs to lag on the left. With 43 throws in the inning and 53 for the game, Gordon’s day ended after 1.2 innings. Jared Southard (4-1, 2.63) is off the field and has the task of pulling the Longhorns out of the inning of four Edge runs.

Texas A&M 4, Texas 2

– Southard does his job and hits Moss to break the inning of four series and four goals for Edge. It is officially a bench game with Gordon, who is officially accused of four earned runs on four goals with one walk and one throw in 1.2 innings. The Longhorns are behind in two series, and Melendez, Stella and Todd are in the third.


– Tod keeps the inning alive with two cars single to the center. Unfortunately, he withdrew with a low ball on the short ball by Mesinger, and Kaler made a nice game in the jump to score 6-4 and finish the inning. Dallas is quickly succeeding with the Longhorns, who will bring back Southard at half time at home.

– Southard gets two fast cars, but the four-step walk taken by Targac keeps the inning alive for Edge. Four consecutive balls thrown by Southard draw Texas A&M fans into the game while the Ages want to put together a two-car outplay.

– Claunch hits one on the ground to the third, but Messinger’s throw pulls Melendez out of the first base bag. The ball goes from Melendez to the Texas dugout. Targac was awarded a home table with an error that was charged to Messenger by putting another round on the board for Aggies.

Texas A&M 5, Texas 2

– Southard hits Minich to stop the inning. The Longhorns have even more work to do after the walk, and a mistake in Texas led to innings in one run for the Eggies.


– Thompson and Minih almost collided on Ardoin’s ball in the right middle, and Thompson dropped the ball. The Longhorns take the lead at the base in the fourth.

– Campbell takes a walk and just like that, Texas brings a tie to tie on a plate. Faltine enters the box with two on and without a car.

– Dallas descends and makes Faltin fly to the right, Hodoa to jump for a short time and Kennedy to fly to the right in the center. The Longhorns missed the opportunity to return to the game as Southard came out in fourth place.

– Southard’s fifth shot in the inning catches Thompson’s barrel and Agi immediately starts working. Thompson’s lead over Kennedy’s head and the wall in the left field have the Texas A&M runner in position for a point.

– After Kaler’s sacrificial shot and Werner’s shot, Moss comes from the base kick to the right field. Thompson walks across the board to increase the advantage to four running differences for Aggies. Thompson’s RBI single ends in the afternoon for Southard with Andre Duplantije II (3-1, 5.40) is the third match of the day for the Longhorns.

Texas A&M 6, Texas 2

– Duplantije walks Roku before he hits Bosta to get Longhorne out of the inning. Texas has Melendez, Stelia and Todd to go, and Dallas is back in the mound for the Adjis. With the inning completed, the book is closed to Southard (two innings, two goals, two runs, one earned streak, one walk and three strikeouts on 37 pitches).


– Dallas’ first move in inning hits Melendez. It’s unconventional, but the Longhorns are gaining an advantage on the basis of second innings in a row.

– Stehli (5-4 field of choice), Todd (check-swing the ground ball back into the mound) and Messinger (6-3 groundout) were pulled in turn from Dallas. This is the third goalless inning in a row for Dallas, and Texas has 12 cars left to attack.

– Targač’s lead single from the left starts things in the home half for Adžije. It is the third leading goal in the game for the Texas A&M attack, which ended seven to four.

– Clown’s single on the gap on the left puts runners on corners without cars. That is it for Duplantije after 22 pitches and 0.1 innings. He is responsible for the runners who succeeded Luke Harrison (0-0, 3.24 ERA with two defenses) while the freshman freshman makes his debut in the College World Series.

– For Longhorne it goes from bad to worse. The jump to the right next to Minnich lands between Campbell and Stelli in fair territory to replenish bases without a car. Harrison leads Thompson to bring Targaca home, and Egi opens up a five-run advantage with the bases still full and no cars at the bottom of the innings.

Texas A&M 7, Texas 2

– Harrison puts Kalera in a double game 6-4-3. Claunch scores a goal with the Longhorns swapping in two outs with Harrison on the verge of coming out of the inning.

Texas A&M 8, Texas 2

– Werner got another to finish the inning. Duplantier’s final line is two earned runs on two hits with one walk and one throw in 0.1 innings. Ardoin, Campbell and Faltine are in sixth place for Longhorne.


– Ardoin leads in inning with a single on Campbell’s left leg in a single. With two innings and no one out, Aggies makes a change in the throw, and left-hander Jacob Palish (6-3, 2.60 ERA with five saves) gets off the bench and relieves Dallas (five innings, six goals, two moves, three shots and one hit batter), which is responsible for runners at the base.

– Pališ throws out Faltin and Hodo, but Mitchell Daly (.238 / .349 / .369) pulls a move in a pinch. That loads the bases for Melendez with two cars.

– Pališ made Melendez look at the third blow. The golden opportunity to return a few wounds is in vain because the Longhorns leave the bases filled in the sixth, leaving them the last nine cars. Daly stays in the game on the second base, Stehli goes to the right field, and Campbell moves to the left field. Palisch, hitting from the side, closes the book to Dallas, who is accused of two runs (one earned) on 95 pitches. Texas sends Harrison back to the mound with Moss, Rock and Bost to be in charge of the Aggies.

– Harrison pulls the heart of the Texas A&M lineup in line at home half. Stehli, Todd and Messinger will play for Longhorne in seventh place.


– Todd’s single with one exit is all that the Longhorns collect in seventh place, which makes them six cars away from elimination. The six-year-old senior has three of Texas’ seven goals against Agie, who is throwing today.

– A walk in the lead to Targac and a throwing error when trying to pick at the first base end Harrison’s trip after two innings and 36 throws. Marcus Olivarez (1-0, 0.72) is the fifth pitcher in the game that Texas will send to the round.

– Olivarez knocked out Clownch and pulled Minich with a score of 3-1 in first base, bringing Targac to third base. Thompson pulls out while his attempt to steal the second base seems to result in a third and final exit from the inning, Faltine can’t stand the throw from Ardoin, allowing Targaka to make a break for the hosts and score a goal to open seven – take the lead for Aggies.

Texas A&M 9, Texas 2

– Olivarez forces Kalera to land briefly to complete the inning. The Longhorns will try to bring something to their last six cars.


– The walk with two cars ends in the afternoon for Palis after 2.2 innings and 49 throws. Right-handed Brad Rudis (3-0, 5.17 ERA with three defensive games) is off the field of Aggie to face Dali.

– Rudis hits Dalí to stop the inning. The final line for Palisha includes one goal and two allowed moves with five strikeouts. The Longhorns have lost their last three cars with Melendez, Steli and Todd in ninth. Zayn Morhaus (3-1, 5.92) is the No. 6 pitcher used by Texas today.

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