Paul Haggis arrested in Italy on charges of sexual assault

Paul Haggis arrested in Italy on charges of sexual assault

Oscar-winning Canadian screenwriter and director Paul Haggis has been arrested in Ostuni, southern Italy, on charges of sexual assault and grievous bodily harm. allegedly inflicted on a still unidentified woman who filed the lawsuit.

According to multiple reports in the Italian press and a note from the public prosecutor of the nearby town of Brindisi, Haggis is accused of forcing a young “party” – meaning non-Italian – to have sex during two days in Ostuni. a film event launched by Italian journalist from Los Angeles Silvio Bizio and Spanish art critic Sol Costales Doulton to be held in Ostuni from June June 21-26.

Bizio confirmed that Diversity that Haggis was arrested.

In a statement, The Allora Fest said they have “with horror and shock he learned the news that Paul Haggis was in custody for alleged violence.

The festival directors “immediately removed any participation of the director from the event” and “At the same time, they express full solidarity with the woman involved,” they added.

“The topics chosen for the festival are, among other things, equality, gender equality and solidarity. “As professionals and women, they are horrified and hope that the festival will help to encourage more information and awareness on such a topical and increasingly urgent issue,” the statement said.

Diversity he addressed Haggis representatives for comment.

According to a report by Italian police, Haggis took the alleged victim to Papola Casale Airport in Brindisi after she was attacked and left her at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning, despite her “uncertain physical and mental condition”.

At the airport, the alleged rape victim, who was in a “confused state” she was assisted by airport staff and border police, who escorted her to the offices of the mobile police unit of the Italian squadron after first aid was provided. Police agents then took the woman to Perino Hospital in Brindisi, where the Italian so-called “pink protocol” for rape victims came into force.

After that, the alleged victim filed a formal lawsuit against Haggis.

Haggis, who wrote “Million Dollar Baby” and co-wrote and directed “Crash,” for which he both won an Oscar, was sued in 2018 from publicist Haleigh Breest, who claimed he raped her after the 2013 premiere. three more women to make their own sexual abuse charges against Haggis, who is vehemently denied these claims. The trial is still pending, due to the postponement of COVID.

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