SpaceX has just made three launches in 36 hours

SpaceX has just made three launches in 36 hours

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket launched a German military satellite for shooting into orbit on June 18.
Photo: SpaceX

It was a busy weekend for SpaceX, and a private space company launched three of its Falcon 9 rockets into orbit over a three-day period. The final launch of SpaceX may even have carried a confidential state burden in addition to the launch of a backup satellite for the low-orbit operator Globalstar.

It moves back to back started Friday from the Kennedy Space Center launch complex 39A, where the Falcon 9 rocket carried 53 Starlsatellite inks to orbit as part of the company’s growing broadband internet megaconstellation. The amplifier of the first phase of the rocket set a new record for SpaceX, marking the 13th flight and landing for multiple use.

The next day, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launched radar recording satellite for the German army. SaRah-1, made by Airbus, launched from Space Launch Complex 4E at Vandenberg Space Center in California to replace the existing SAR-Lupe system. The satellite is designed to deliver images of the Earth’s surface at any time of the day, regardless of weather conditions.

On Sunday, SpaceX made its finals launch weekend. Her third Falcon 9 rocket took off from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Station in Florida. The company has identified one cargo on the rocket, the Globalstar FM15, a backup satellite phone and the low-speed data company Globalstar.

However, several reports suggest that this lonely satellite was not the only one to go into low Earth orbit. Those who observed the launch and deployment of Globalstar cargo noticed that the rocket had three unusual burns and landed on an autonomous spacecraft-drone, which is used when the rocket carries heavier loads, although the Globalstar cargo would be light enough to return to the launch pad, according to SpaceNews.

In addition, SpaceX provided a video deployment of payload into orbit, which showed that it was deployed almost two hours after takeoff. The video showed what might have happened load adapter on the second stage of the rocket, which suggests that the rocket may have ejected another payload after the first combustion. Mysterious circumstances gave confidence rumors which suggests that SpaceX has launched a confidential burden on the US government. SpaceX did not confirm the other cargo and did not immediately respond to Gizmod’s request for comment.

Sunday’s launch marked the 26th launch of SpaceX in 2022, and the company plans to be even bigger by the end of the year. After undergoing an environmental assessment by the Federal Aviation Administration for the proposed expansion of the location in Boca Chica in Texas, it was announced by the executive director of SpaceX, Elon Musk a heavy Starship rocket would be ready for its first launch into orbit in July. Musk hopes that Starship will transport the next generation of Starla companiesink satellites into orbit, which is why some astronomers are worried about their potential interference in cosmic observations. SpaceX is also recent fired several employees for criticizing Musk’s behavior.

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