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Final Fantasy 16 was first discovered almost two years ago, and Square Enik claimed that the “basic development” had already been completed. Despite that, Square Enik was relatively silent about the latest entry in his long-running franchise until recently, when he finally released a brand new trailer with Aicons – his version of the call.

The trailer shed more light on what can be expected from the still mysterious Final Fantasy 16, but left fans with many other questions. How will Eikons appear in the fight? And will Clive work with the party – the main part of which dates back to the original days of the NES series – or will he fly solo?

Speaking to IGN in a new interview, producer Naoki Yoshida provided a little more insight into how combat, summoning and other mechanics will work in Final Fantasy 16, in the process confirming that it will re-engage party mechanics in one form or another.

“We didn’t want to overwhelm the users in our latest trailer, so we focused exclusively on Clive’s battles. However, for most of his journey, Clive will be accompanied by one or more companions. These companions will also take part in the battle as a trade joke with Clive. In addition, party members will be guided by artificial intelligence to allow players to focus exclusively on Clive control, ”Yoshida explains.

While Yoshida did not want to confirm in one way or another, one of those party members could include Torgal, a wolf puppy from the original trailer. Yoshida said fans will have to “wait and see” if the puppy will eventually play a role in the fight, promising more information about the parties soon.

Fighting in Final Fantasy 16 will ‘translate calls into player actions’

One way or another, it seems to be at least somewhat similar to Final Fantasy 15, which also had members of a party controlled by artificial intelligence. This has been a trend in the series since moving away from a fight based on a move, and even the Final Fantasy 7 Remake accepts an action-based fight.

In this regard, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is widely praised for balancing depth and nuance with speed and excitement, Yoshida says Final Fantasy 16 will play something different.

“[Final Fantasy 7 Remake] it would not exist without the original [Final Fantasy 7]and those original systems eventually influenced what became Remake. [Final Fantasy 16]however, it is a completely new game with a completely different concept. To take the series in a new direction, instead of building old combat systems, director Hiroshi Takai and battle director Ryota Suzuki have focused on real-time action, “explains Yoshida.” Translating traditional summoning skills into player actions These real-time combat capabilities have allowed us to create a system that not only looks great, but is really good for the game. “

Summons is largely presented in the latest trailer for Final Fantasy 16, full of the usual pyrotechnics that fans expected from such sequences. Ifrit, Ramuh, Bahamut and Shiva – all of which have appeared in the trailer – have been the mainstays of Final Fantasy for many years, and their importance has grown along with the leap in franchise loyalty.

[Final Fantasy 16] is its own entity, separate from [Final Fantasy XIV] and other games in the series, so you won’t find as many ‘tributes’ as you’ll find in [Final Fantasy 14].

In Final Fantasy 16, the Eicons are similar to the weapons of mass destruction available to the “Dominants” capable of equalizing nations. Many fans have compared their visually spectacular sequences to watching Godzilla, but Yoshida says “the type and scale of the battle is a bit fluid.”

“Eikons appear in many different situations and iterations. There is no one design concept that covers them all. “Some will face Clive as fierce enemies, some will be friends and come to Clive’s aid,” explains Yoshida. “There will also be moments when the player will control Eikon in real time, fighting with other Eikon. The type of battle and the scale are somewhat fluid and change imperceptibly in real time depending on the battle… keeping things at maximum excitement while maintaining immersion. These different types of action-oriented battles led by Eikon are one of the main selling points [Final Fantasy 16]and we will bring you more about them in the coming months. “

Final Fantasy 16 this time will not be a “Final Fantasy theme park”.

Although Final Fantasy 16 will no doubt be compared to the newer entries from the single-player series, his connections to Final Fantasy 14 cannot be ignored. Final Fantasy 16 contains all the stars of the developers from Square Enik, many of whom worked on Square Enik’s acclaimed MMO, starting with Yoshida himself.

However, Yoshida says that fans should expect that Final Fantasy 16 will be a completely different experience.

“Development concepts for [Final Fantasy 14] i [Final Fantasy 16] are inherently different. [Final Fantasy 16] do something that no Final Fantasy has had before – take aspects of the whole series and incorporate them into what we like to call “Final Fantasy Theme Park”. However, while it is a [Final Fantasy 14] concept, is not specific [Business Unit 3] a characteristic of the development team, ”says Yoshida.

Final Fantasy 16 New screenshots

“[Final Fantasy 16] is its own entity, separate from [Final Fantasy XIV] and other games in the series, so you won’t find as many ‘tributes’ as you’ll find in [Final Fantasy 14]. That doesn’t mean there won’t be Easter eggs though! That said, [Final Fantasy 16]The main focus will be on maintaining that feeling throughout the series of ‘playing the movie’ instead of drawing on past titles. “

Despite the differences, Square Enik has no doubt that Yoshida and the rest of the development team can transfer some of the magic from the IMO, which continues to grow with each new expansion.

We will soon be able to see when Final Fantasy 16 will be launched in the summer of 2023. In the meantime, take a look at everything we learned from our interview with Yoshid, as well as the rest of our current coverage of the Flight of the Game.

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