The sailors appoint Sergio Roma, Roenis Elias for the task

The sailors appoint Sergio Roma, Roenis Elias for the task

The Mariners announced four moves on the list on Monday, returning the right to office Ken Giles from the list of injured for 60 days and the recall of the infiltrator Kevin Padlo from Triple-A Tacoma. To create space on the list, right-handed Sergio Romo and leftist Roenis Elias were designated for assignment.

Romo, signed a one-year contract worth 2 million dollars at the end of the off-season after it was learned that Casey Sadler required shoulder surgery at the end of the season, he was sharp during his first month as a sailor, but he saw the wheels come off in a dramatic way. The 39-year-old side player made just one pass during his first eight innings before the Orioles tattooed him five runs in two-thirds of the innings on June 1.

This marked the beginning of a monumental breakdown in which the three-time World Series champion and former All-Star served a dozen runs in the last 6 1/3 frames. Romo has allowed running in five of his last nine appearances, giving up multiple runs on the trip four times during that disastrous act.

Given the scale of these struggles and the fact that he has a guaranteed salary (albeit a rather modest one), Romo is likely to be left with no demands for renunciation and become a free agent. Any team that wants to speculate on helping him fix the boat would owe him only a proportional minimum league for any time spent in the Majors at the time. Romo has not experienced a drop in speed – he is still sitting at 85.6 mph with his dive and in the range of 77-78 with his recognizable slider – and is still causing an assault from the plate with a huge piston of 37.8%. Given that context and his broader reputation, he should have another chance – especially if he is willing to sign a lower league contract somewhere.

As for 33-year-old Elias, he is far better with the Mariners in 2022, although in a smaller sample of 7 2/3 innings. During that time, the veteran leftist cheered on six of 33 opponents (18.2%) while walking three (9.1%) and challenging the ground floor on a robust 50% piston. This is Elias’ first big league action since the 2019 season, as he was on the sidelines for most of the 2020-21 season due to hand injuries – which culminated in Tommy John’s operation last March.

Elias was similarly solid in Triple-A this year, recording an ERA of 3.63 with an ejection rate of 17.6% versus a sharp 6.8% walking rate and 44.6% landing rate in 17 1/3 innings. It is possible that clubs that want a bench will like it, especially those that need a left-hander. At 395 2/3 innings at the MLB level, Elias has an ERA of 3.96 – although that rating is at 3.30, which dates back to 2017.

Giles, 31, will be activated for his team debut. Signed on a two-year contract worth $ 7 million, knowing that he will miss the first year of his contract recovering from Tommy John’s operation from 2020, Giles brings a three-digit heater and 115 career savings to the Seattle bench. However, his task in rehabilitation in the lower league was terrible. The former Phyllis, Astros and Blue Jace recorded 7 1/3 innings between High-A and Triple-A, but during that time they were knocked out in 16 runs (11 earned) with 15 goals and eight moves. Giles also served four long balls in that part.

Something rarer after a long break is to be expected, but those little fights in the league still open my eyes. However, it is worth mentioning that in addition to Tommy John’s 2020 procedure, Giles suffered a strained tendon in his hand during spring training, which brought him back to IL for the first two or more months of the season.

At his best, Giles has shown the ability to be one of the best liberators in the game. Recently, in 2019, he threw 53 innings of 1.87 ERA balls with Toronto, and along the way he knocked out 40% of his opponents. And in 351 career innings, Giles boasts an ERA of 2.74 with a huge bounce rate of 33.3% versus a walking rate of 7.7% better than average. Time will tell which version of the direction the Mariners are getting, but if he gets back in shape, Giles could be a key figure in the sequel or, if the Mariners continue to fight, an attractive trading chip in six weeks.

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