The Dodgers take over Trace Thompson from the Tigers

The Dodgers take over Trace Thompson from the Tigers

The Dodgers added depth off the field on Monday, announcing an agreement with the Tigers on a deal to send Trace Thompson in Los Angeles in exchange for cash benefits. This will be the 31st year’s second stay in LA.

Thompson was not on the list of 40 Detroit players, since he signed a contract from the lower league a month ago. He will not immediately take the place of 40 people in Los Angeles, although it seems that the Dodgers will add him to the club of the big league in the next few days. Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal reported this morning that LA was looking for a right-handed outside player after Mookie Betts’ going to the injured list. Thompson, it seems, will get the first crack in that role.

A former pick for the second round of the White Sox, Thompson has appeared in parts of six seasons in the major leagues. That included the Dodger Blue series 2016-17, as the club brought him from Chicago to trade with three teams he sent Todd Frazier from Cincinnati to Sox. Thompson appeared in 107 games with Los Angeles during those two seasons, which is the largest amount of work he has put together with any of the five MLB clubs he has played for.

That includes six games with rival Padres this season. Thompson did not produce during that cup of coffee in San Diego, but he is absolutely puree at the top level for minors in 2022. Between the highest branches of San Diego and Detroit, he put together the .305 / .365 / .721 line and broke 17 hosts in 41 games. Thompson escaped in 28.2% of his Triple-A records, but his huge influence from a power perspective was enough to convince the Dodgers office to bring him back.

Concerns about swing and miss were a similar problem for Thompson at the first league level. He won 28.6% of his 640 career board appearances on his way to the .205 / .280 / .397 line. He escaped 26 Homers and 11 bases, but the number lower in the base has more rejected him in the status of journeyman in recent years. Thompson was not surprisingly better when he held the lead than against the historical ones, but his line .218 / .283 / .445 against the southerners is still a little below average.

Thompson will be something of a stopping option while Bets recovers, which is not a surprising way of action for the organization. Rosenthal wrote this morning that the team does not want to hand over notable young talent in any contract, explaining that they could take a bigger swing in adding influence closer to the trade deadline if Betts misses a long time.

Juan Toribio at he was the first to report that the Dodgers were approaching a deal to take over Thompson. Jorge Castillo of the Los Angeles Times confirmed that there is an agreement, doc Cody Stavenhagen from Athletic he was the first to report that the Tigers would receive cash in return.

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