The cosplay Breath of the Wild Guardian is a sight to behold

The cosplay Breath of the Wild Guardian is a sight to behold

People have cosplayed like Link and Zelda (and even Ganon) since the series first debuted, but these guys are (relatively) easy. They are bipedal, wear clothes, put on make-up, take up arms, boom, play cosplay like a Nintendo character. But what with Breath of the Wild’s Guards, those giant stone warriors firing lasers from their faces, couldn’t a human being really play like one of them?

Of course I can. All it takes is brilliance, hard work and a few very simple tricks. This is Alison Chase, someone who specializes in big, complicated cosplaywho came out on the floor of Orlando’s MegaCon earlier this year as one of the destroyed Guardians:

The size, the details, the brilliance, the way it plays music and sound effects, the way the eyeball lights up and changes as if preparing to strike a laser blow on a congressional floor …. that’s perfection. So far, though you’re probably thinking, as I originally thought, is this even cosplay? Isn’t it just a robot or a statue? No, it’s still cosplay. Chase sits in the Guardian on a chair:

And he is able to move and control the Guardian in the same way that Kenny Baker could have moved R2-D2’s head while he was stuck insideby turning different parts while sitting:

To get another idea of ​​how big this thing is and how it all came together, check out this video where the Guardian is transported to a convention, a process that involved disassembling the whole thing, moving it to a truck with some guys and then reassembling everything:

You can see more of Alison’s amazing cosplay work, including Power Loader Aliensthe whole Catbus from Totoro and highly articulated Snowball from Rick & Morty, on her TikTok page.

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