Here's how to trick your way around falling KOTOR II on a switch that breaks games

Here’s how to trick your way around falling KOTOR II on a switch that breaks games

The Jedi are fighting Sith and some weird lizards in the hallway.

Screenshot: Aspir / Obsidian

This week Aspir, the studio behind the port of Nintendo Switch Knights of Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, admitted the existence of a bug that caused the game to crash during the main mission, preventing at least some players from finishing the game.

Aspir said today Akios that the mistake affected only a small number of players. The developer also posted current solution on his website and promised a more permanent solution “in the next patch”. There is currently no estimated date for the release of the official patch.

For players affected by error, KOTOR II it collapses soon after the player crashes on Onderon as part of the planet’s main mission. Players can try the main tasks in any order, but the missions on Onderon require you to leave the planet to continue with the second phase of the story, so most players will probably finish the search quite late. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for the patch to continue playing.

Instead, the studio suggests clicking your left thumb three times, which opens a cheat menu. From there, select “Warp” and then go to “OND504”, where the search continues from Onderon. Kotaku was one of the few unfortunates who was affected by the mistake and was able to independently verify that the workaround really works.

Visa Marr climbs the ramp to fight Sith soldiers.

Screenshot: Aspir / Obsidian / Kotaku

However, there is a catch. You will be stuck using the same group as the one you chose to explore Dkun (which happens just before the buggy search), and you cannot change the composition of your group. So, if you left weaker characters on Dkun … well, good luck. They will lead the whole attack on their own. If you have seriously succumbed to your B squad, do not be afraid: the cheating menu also includes the invincibility option. Kotaku he addressed Aspir about changing the party members, but did not receive a response until the moment of publication.

On the original PC game by Obsidian, KOTOR II it would mark your saved files with a yellow “CHEAT” overlay if you try to modify them with external tools (even to fix major errors). So it’s pretty funny to me that 2022 cheating is officially the recommended way to end the game at all.

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