Workers of 3 major Philadelphia beer distributors are on strike;  call for better wages, hours

Workers of 3 major Philadelphia beer distributors are on strike; call for better wages, hours

PHILADELPHIA (VPVI) – Workers of three major beer distributors across the Delaware Valley are on strike, demanding better wages and working hours for their workers.

Teamsters Local 830 – representing thousands of drivers, warehouse workers and sales / marketing staff in the regional beverage industry – went on strike Sunday against the Delaware Valley Import Distributors Association, which includes Penn, Origlio Beverages and Muller beer sales and service , Inc.

If the strike continues for more than a week, experts say consumers are likely to see an impact on major U.S. national brands.

Three companies distribute popular beers, including Miller, Coors, Budweiser and White Clav.

The union called the latest offer offensive. They say they want higher wages and better benefits for workers.

“Compensation is always a problem, but what is especially problematic is the working hours that beverage companies suggest for our members – 12-hour shifts for five or six consecutive days. That is excessive, “said Daniel Grace, union secretary and treasurer. “Drinking companies know that our members are the driving force behind their business and success, but they think they can treat us as second-class citizens. We will not tolerate that. “

The strike affects the counties of Philadelphia, Bucks, Delaware, Montgomery and Chester.

A DVIDA spokesman says negotiations have been going on for months and that companies are shocked to have reached this point.

A spokesman said in a statement: “Despite the abrupt cessation of work, we are committed to working on this with our union members and hope to reach a solution soon.”

People who work in beer shops say that they understand why the workers are on strike, but they are worried about their work.

“Everyone has to earn a living these days, and as everything goes up, it’s hard. “It’s hard for everyone, and you know that this company is the main artery here on Grant (Avenue) and the Academy (Road), I just hope we don’t. Don’t lose your job,” said Natalia Neuls, who works at Beer Bok.

Neuls says the delivery is scheduled for Wednesday. She expects that several domestic beers could be sold out before that, and that she is almost without the popular flavors of White Claw.

“I think we have a couple of 12 packs left, but that’s all … luckily we have a lot of stock, but there won’t be any special favorites that go fast during the week,” she said.

The beer drinkers hope that the problems with the contract will be solved soon.

“There will be a lot of angry people. Not only will prices rise with everything, but they will also be deprived of alcohol?” said Karen Chavot of Northeast Philadelphia.

On Monday afternoon, DVIDA issued a statement saying they were “shocked and disappointed.”

“After months of cooperation and productive meetings, we are shocked and disappointed by this last-minute turnaround. The negotiating board of union members unanimously agreed to accept and support a strong and aggressive long-term package that included the largest wage increase in our history of fifty years or more. It was suggested to recognize the hard work and critical role they play and to encourage recruitment efforts to ease the demands on current teams. Despite the abrupt cessation of work, we are committed to working with members of our unions through this and hope to reach a solution soon. As we approach the summer holidays, we have contingency plans to minimize any disruption to our suppliers and market. “

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