The next League of Legends champion is a monk with a water whip and a great demon

The next League of Legends champion is a monk with a water whip and a great demon

next Legions of Fame the champion is a bot last year a fighter with a water whip and an ancient demon in his pocket. Nilah, Unbound Joy, is a monk warrior vowed to the legendary order that sealed the demon of joy in the spiritual lake. That prison allows the ascetics of her order to channel the demon, but as a result, Nilah can only feel joy.

After the Sentinels of Light locked Viego in ancient Kamavor at the end of his event, Nilah sets out to investigate who did it and why. She finds out about an even bigger threat – maybe Bel’Vet, the empress of emptiness? – and she is preparing to face them in order to defeat the world’s villains and live forever in song and myth.

Nilah is the champion in the next match, but she is advancing in the bot bar thanks to her set, which gives her a lot of synergy with the support of spells such as Lulu, Karma and Janna.

Passive – Joi Unending

If Nilah hits the minion for the last time, she and the closest allied champion gain 50% of the experience that would otherwise be lost if she shared with nearby allies.

Nilah gained additional efficiency from the healing and shields given to her by the allied champions. When a nearby ally casts an ability that heals or protects the Nile or themselves, Nilah gives additional benefits to both himself and his ally.

K – No shape Blade

passive: Attacks and damage to abilities against champions ignore part of their armor and heal the Nile for part of the damage done. This effect increases with the chance of critical attacks and can be reversed, giving Nilahu a shield.

Active: Nilah strikes the line, damaging all affected enemies. Hitting the enemy increases Nilah’s range of attack and attack speed to a few seconds. In addition, its basic attacks will spray into the cone, causing additional damage.

V – Jubilant Veil

Nilah is enveloped in fog, which is why he briefly gained speed, reduced incoming magic damage and avoided all incoming basic attacks. Touching the allied champion hides them in the fog, giving them the same bonuses for half the duration.

E – Slipstream

Nilah rushes through the target unit, damaging all the enemies he passes through. Nilah can hold 2 Slipstream charges at once.

Nilah can throw a blade without a shape (K) during Slipstream to pull a wave in its path, inflict damage and activate its intensified attacks.

R – Apotheosis

Nilah turns his weapons in the area around him, inflicting damage and pulling the enemy towards the center with the last burst. This damage heals the Nile for part of the damage done, turning the excess healing into a shield. Healing and protection have a chance of critical attack and are shared with nearby allies.

While some players might be tempted to try Nilah in another track or in the jungle, her kit really rewards playing with someone else, especially if that champion has shields or heals. Nilah is also quite mobile thanks to Slipstream; she doesn’t have to linger and wait for an opportunity to go all-in. Instead, she dances around the fight, supporting herself while inflicting damage with Formless Blade.

Nilah will also be part of the alternate Star Guardian universe, where many popular champions are magical heroes inspired by girls. The next Star Guardian event, Return to the City of Valoran, begins on July 14.

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