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Weapons, Bullets and Grass: Ezra Miller Housing Three Young Children and Their Mother on a Farm in Vermont

Ezra Miller hosted a 25-year-old mother and her three young children on their farm in Vermont, a life arrangement that takes care of the children’s father, as well as two others who know the situation, Rolling Stone he learned.

Two sources familiar with the situation have expressed concern Rolling Stone that it was an unsafe environment for children, stating that unsupervised weapons were scattered around the house on Miller’s 96-hectare estate. One source, who, like others, sought anonymity for fear of retaliation, recalled an example when one of the children – a one-year-old – allegedly picked up a bullet and put it in his mouth.

The mother and children, aged one to five, have, according to local sources, lived at least recently in June, according to local sources, on Miller’s Stamford farm in Vermont since mid-April. The actor met a woman in Hill, Hawaii, whom Miller visited in March. A convicted actor, who will play in Warner Bros. ‘ provided Flash, caused a series of arrests while in Hawaii, prompting an emergency meeting with study executives about their future with the franchise. (Miller is not binary and uses the pronouns they / they.)

In the midst of the ongoing crisis, the children’s father claims to Rolling Stone that Miller provided the woman and her children with a flight from Hawaii, allegedly without the father’s knowledge. He claims that he has not been able to see or talk to his children since they left. (Rolling Stone hides the names of mother and father.)

“I’m going through hell and back,” says the father. “I have a bad feeling in my stomach… I want to go get my kids, they mean fucking world to me.”

Miller’s representatives did not respond to a request for comment.

The mother appears to still be living on Miller’s farm, according to pictures posted on her Instagram account recently Monday. The mother did not answer Rolling StoneRequest for clarification.

Two sources confirmed that they saw children there with their mother, describing a chaotic environment that is not safe for children.

Video reviewed in April Rolling Stone shows at least eight assault weapons, rifles and pistols lying around the living room, with some weapons leaning against a pile of stuffed animals.

Asked why he did not go to the farm with the police or confronted Miller directly, the father said: “I don’t want to [the children] to see something like that. I just want them to see it, ‘Hey [Dad] appeared, let’s get in the car and go. ‘ It was traumatic enough. “

Two sources also stated that there was frequent and difficult use of marijuana in front of children, with little concern for proper ventilation. Rolling Stone He also learned that there was a large cannabis farm on Miller’s estate, and Miller’s close friend and alleged “master” Whitney Sutters claimed on social media that the two of them ran a cannabis company called Rebel Alliance Cannabis.

Numerous photos published on Suters’ social media pages indicate that there are a much larger number of marijuana plants than the allowed two mature plants in Vermont or four immature plants that private citizens can own. Suters told a friend on Facebook that he was growing at least 28 different strains for the fall 2021 harvest.

Miller’s Farm is not among 25 state-licensed cultivators allowed to grow more than six plants and can sell to wholesalers, Rolling Stone confirmed by the Vermont Cannabis Control Committee.

The father claims that he has been trying to remove his children from the farm since April. After learning of the alleged use of weapons and drugs on Miller’s property in mid-May, he called the Vermont Department of Children and Families (DCF) and local police to conduct health checks. But the father states that the police ignored his claims, and that when the worker with the DCF visited the house, the worker claimed that they did not find anything wrong.

Rolling Stone reviewed text messages between the father and the number registered to a social worker from Vermont, who said in the text that they visited the house on May 16 and that the children “looked good”, noting that the worker has “more work”. It is not clear whether the social worker returned to the house. (In a request for comment, DCF said it did not provide information regarding home visits. Vermont State Police did not respond to requests for comment.)

This is the last worrying situation in which Miller found himself after two groups of parents allegedly sought protection and a ban on approaching Miller, whose recent behavior potentially seriously jeopardized any future involvement in the superhero franchise.

Earlier this month, Chase Iron Eyes and Sarah Jumping Eagle filed for protection on behalf of their 18-year-old child, Gibson, a well-known Standing Rock activist. (Gibson uses the pronouns she / they.) The parents are supposed to be Rolling Stone that Miller nursed Gibson, when the actor met him when Gibson was 12, and earlier this year he said that Miller supplied Gibson with a large dose of LSD.

“If [they] were from [their] common sense and just making excessive decisions, I would say, ‘Okay, you have to learn the hard way,’ “Gibson’s mother said earlier. Rolling Stone about her child. “But [they’re] not only do you have mental health problems, but also the predator that uses it [them] at the same time. “

However, Gibson posted his statement on Instagram in which he claims that they suffered “emotional and psychological manipulation” while living with their parents. In another video, Gibson called their parents’ concerns “obviously offensive.”

On June 16, another parent secured a temporary restraining order against Miller on behalf of his 12-year-old child in Massachusetts, according to The Daily Beast. The Greenfield District Court issued an order “without prior notice because the court determined that there is a high probability of an imminent danger of harassment.”

During Miller’s visit to Hawaii, the actor was arrested twice and at least 10 calls were made to the local police regarding their behavior. The first arrest stemmed from charges of irregular behavior when Miller was shot by a couple at karaoke, singing “Shall’s” from The star was born March 28.

Later that night, Miller allegedly entered the couple’s bedroom and threatened them, saying, “I will burn you and your whore wife,” according to a request for a temporary restraining order submitted by the couple. Miller also allegedly stole his passport and wallet.

Miller was arrested again on April 19 after he allegedly threw a chair at a 26-year-old woman after she was asked to leave a private house, leaving the woman with a half-inch cut on her forehead.

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