Tactical FPS Read or Not returns to Steam after a trademark dispute

Tactical FPS Read or Not returns to Steam after a trademark dispute

Tactical FPS Ready or Not is on sale again on Steam today after resolving the trademark dispute.

Yesterday, the developer of Void Interactive tweeted that he was dealing with the “proposed trademark violation” of his “recent nightclub map”, which was presented as part of the latest update of the game with early access earlier this week.

“We take our intellectual property concerns very seriously and in good faith, we have decided to remove the subject materials and any reference to them from Ready or Not and from any of our social networks or other publications,” said Void (thank you, NME). .


Accordingly, the game was removed from the Steam store while the team was complete[d] changes “, although the alleged reasons for his removal became apparent only two days after he was removed from the network.

Now the problem is probably solved, the shooter is on sale again. The developer, however, has stopped describing what the trademark dispute meant, although some players speculate that the nightclub listed in the update was too similar to that of the UK chain of stores.

“Attention Officers, Readi or Not is back on Steam and now available again!” Void tweeted yesterday. “We are very sorry for this delay and we hope it was not too inconvenient.

This is not the first time the shooter has run into minor issues, as Void Interactive lost a publisher to Read or Not a few days after comments suggested it would include a school shooting mission. The game was released in early access on December 17, but in a statement on Twitter shortly thereafter, Void Interactive said it had split with publisher Team17. Although no reasons were given, the change came shortly after the developer responded to a post on Reddit about the inclusion of a school shooting with the statement: “You better believe it will be.”

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