"He raped me for days," the alleged British victim, Paul Haggis, told police

“He raped me for days,” the alleged British victim, Paul Haggis, told police

ROME — The police of the city of Brindisi in the south of Italy announced that the British woman who accused Oscar winner director Paul Haggis of brutal rape has injuries in accordance with her allegations. “I was raped for days,” the woman told investigating prosecutor Antonio Negro, according to a summary of the arrest document provided by The Daily Beast. “We were supposed to work together, but instead he raped me from Sunday night to Wednesday.

The woman, who the black office says has a British passport, was left by the director last Wednesday morning in front of Brindisi Airport in the province of Pula, who is sitting behind the heel of an Italian boot, according to her testimony to the police. She says that she did not have a plane ticket, but that he gave her money to buy it when the airport was opened, according to the prosecution.

The prosecution announced that the woman was discovered in the corner of a small airport by a flight attendant, who immediately informed the authorities. “It was destroyed,” the policeman told police, according to the original investigation document. “She spoke with difficulty.”

After an initial medical examination at the airport’s health clinic, she was taken to hospital for treatment in accordance with the Italian “Pink Protocol” for rape victims, which includes psychological counseling. The prosecution says she “suffered multiple sexual assaults without consent”, including one so violent that she was “forced to seek medical help”.

That horrific event apparently brought her to the end of her ordeal, when Haggis drove her to the airport in the early hours of Wednesday. The doctor’s report states that she remained incapable of sex due to the violence.

The prosecution says that after she became incapable, she drove her alone to the airport from the tourist town of Ostuni about an hour away, where the 69-year-old – who was accused of sexual abuse by four other women – ran the cover of Allora Fest with Oliver Stone, Matt. Dillon, Edward Norton and Maris Tomei. The music and film festival immediately distanced itself from Haggis, canceling all the events in which he was supposed to participate.

Police then investigated the new allegations, reviewing camera footage in front of Haggis’ hotel room and the airport, which allegedly proves that she was with him. They then waited for the woman to leave Italy safely to arrest the director on Sunday in Ostuni. The family then joined him. He was detained overnight in the capital of the province of Brindisi, but was released under house arrest at a hotel in Ostuni, awaiting the equivalent of charges this week.

Haggis’ lawyer, Priya Chodri, declined to comment on the case The Hollywood Reporter, citing a non-existent “law” that he says forbids her from commenting on ongoing cases. “Despite that, I am convinced that all accusations against Mr. Haggis will be dropped,” Chodri said in an e-mail to the publication. “He is completely innocent and is ready to fully cooperate with the authorities so that the truth can come to light quickly.”

The director’s Italian lawyer, Michele Laforgia, talked to local journalists and confirmed for The Daily Beast that his client’s first meeting is scheduled for Thursday. He said that he believes that Haggis is “completely innocent and we hope that the matter will be clarified at the maximum speed of all necessary investigations.”

He added that until the details of the accusation are presented to them, “we cannot declare anything else, nor enter into the merits of the accusation.”

Haggis wrote two best films for the Oscars Million Dollar Babi in 2014 and Crash 2005. The latest incident is not the first time a Canadian director has been in legal trouble. An ongoing civil lawsuit accusing him of violence was filed against him by publicist Hailey Brist in 2017. Three other women responded a year later saying he had sexually abused them. He denies all charges.

Haggis, who left the Church of Scientology in 2009, claims that the accusations of sexual abuse are just revenge on the church. His prosecutors deny the claim.

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